Young Learners

Games and Resources for Children to Enjoy:

Scholastic Learning Arcade - The fun part of the Scholastic learning arcade is letting the kids choose the character that they want to navigate with. The learning games are fun. Ex: Concentration, Making Words, Patterns, Mazes and more.
I SPY - brings I SPY to life. Ex: Make a picture, Make a riddle, Play I SPY bingo
Learning Planet - The site features a great game called ABC Order. If you have a child heading into K or 1 who is still struggling then offer the parents this game to play with their children.
Brainpop Jr. - The website that features a little bit of everything. No matter what subject a child may be studying, brainpop addresses it. For family subscriptions, have your families click on the link: Free trials are available!!
Noggin - We are all familiar with the channel but some parents have yet to discover the website that always features a game of the month.
Build-a-Saurus - Build a Dinosaur online starting with the footprint. They will love it!
Dance Mat Typing - This website will do just that..teach a child to type with rock and roll. Not all children are interested but I, for one, am tired of having to wait hours as a child tries to find the letter 'a'.
Wizz-E - A lot of different interactive free and paid-for eBooks for children to become engaged with! Each book comes with a selection of kid’s games, quizzes and colouring pictures to download.