Now that you have learned more about why technology should be used in the classroom, let’s look at the actual resources that are available to help high school teachers usher technology into the classroom.

At the end of this lesson, you will:
  • understand what types of resources are available and where to locate them.
  • evaluate which resources are the best fit for their classrooms.
  • create a showcasing presentation that categorizes resources according to levels of thinking.
  • collaborate with colleagues to select three resources that are "best practice."

Required Reading

iPad a solid educational tool, study reports

Game-Based Learning Units for the Everyday Teacher

Six Examples of iPad Integration in the 1:1 Classroom

Tammy’s Technology Tips for Teachers

Required Multimedia

6 Video Games to Use in Your Classroom Tomorrow

iPads in the Classroom at Mercy High School

Integrating Technology into the Classroom

Application Activity

Select 8-10 resources that will best work to enhance student learning and achievement in your classroom. You will create and design a slideshow that displays these items - be sure to select resources that utilize low-level, intermediate-level, and high-level thinking skills, and categorize them into your slideshow accordingly. You may use PowerPoint,Prezi, MentorMob, Empressr or SlideRocket.

To explore and eventually glean your list of resources, feel free to use the following sites:

Prepare a 5-minute presentation for your content area colleagues that summarizes what resources you captured, as well as advocates why they are useful in that specific content area. Post a link to the voice recording of your presentation, along with your colleagues’ questions and comments, to the
Recordings page Make sure you include your name with your link.

After presentations, compile a list of three resources that you and your colleagues feel are the best fit for your content area, and draft and sign an agreement to document your incorporation of at least one per month. Submit your list of resources, rationale and plan of incorporation to the RESOURCE PAGE. Make sure to include your name.