RESOURCES for Learning N.O.W!

Learning Now! Information Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere, and Anyway

Preparing Students for Learning on the Web:

Finding Answers to Their Questions: Searching the Web

Specialized Search:

Places to Learn:

Asking Better Questions

Primary Resources/Data Banks:

Reading Online: Books, News, Real Time

Virtual Learning

Learning Mentors and Coaches:

Learning For FreeI (via Open Culture).

Taking Note and Notice:

Annotating the Web has never been easier. Check out these "digital note-taking" and "notice-keeping" tools:

Organizing Our Learning:

Knowledge management is a must-have 21st Century Skill. These tools will help make it easy to sift, short, and save your most valuable finds!

Organizing our Life and Learning:

WORLD- Hello World!

These sites and spaces allow our students to share with the world their learning, opinions, and ideas.


Great Survey Tools:


Favorite Books:

Connect with Other Classrooms:


Collaborative Projects:

The U.S. Department of Education also has an extensive list of collaborative projects.

!- Making Our Mark

This amazing list of globally collaborative projects is intended to both inspire and invite you to think about projects you might be interested in joining or projects you may want to create with your students. There are so many ways for students to move from being "on the web" towards being "of the web" !

Telling Our Story:

WKCD! (What Kids and Teachers Can Do!)
Publishing on the Web: