Welcome to Learning Now!

The following list of resources are more than just "bells and whistles" that can be added to current curriculum. These tools and platforms have the power and potential to completely transform the learning experience. The only limit to their capacity and power is our imaginations!

I have organized the resources and tools that give us the ability to connect, communicate and collaborate with educators and students in all parts of the world in a framework I call: LEARNING NOW!

This simple acronym reminds us that tools are only as good as the learning and learner they support. We need tools and people that help us:

LEARNING-These resources support our ability access to new ideas, answer our questions, and give us opportunity to challenge and grow our thinking.

NOTICE: Notice- There are many things we want students to notice in and about the world. The challenge is sorting what is "nice to know" from the "need to know". These resources will help learners take note of the most relevant and important.
ORGANIZE: Organization is a must. In a time where there is so much to know and do, these resources help us make sense and meaning of what we have discovered.
WORLD- World Access- We literally have the world at our fingertips, and these tools will help us bring the world into our classrooms and learning spaces.
!- The most transformative aspect of Learning Now is the ability we have to share what we have learned with the world. These tools and platforms allows us to "Make Our Mark" and share our voice with the world.

The following are PDF's of the original presentations

The following Slideshows are editable PPT format presentations.